Women & Legacy Planning

Want to Differentiate yourself with Affluent Women Clients & Prospects?

by Tony DiLeonardi

Seventy percent of widows choose a different financial advisor to manage their wealth after their spouse passes.  Furthermore, 70% of women report dissatisfaction with their current financial advisor.  Will you be part of these statistics?

Third Quarter Advisers is pleased to have built a strategic partnership with the founders of WIFE.org who have created "The Women's Choice Advisor Award." This award is the first and only recognition program for well qualified financial advisors who are committed to the women's market and serving women clients and prospects.  Consider applying for the award and distinguish yourself as an advisor women investors trust!

The award was created by two women industry experts who have served the women's market and created the oldest, most trusted non-profit devoted to female financial literacy for more than 25 years.  If you are selected to receive the award, you will gain access to turn-key, proven marketing-to-women materials. 

The popular Women's Choice Award program, originated by WomenCertified, Inc., provides recognition to women-friendly hospitals, baby products, home brands and car dealerships, has now teamed up with WIFE.org to create the vetting process for the Women's Choice Award for Financial Advisors. It includes 17 criteria, including a review of regulatory history and a survey of the advisor or firm's female clients. 

Visit: http://www.wife.org/womens-choice-award/financial-advisors/ and enter promo code: 3QADVISERS to receive $100 off.

At Third Quarter Advisers we are passionate and devoted to the topic of women and investing.  We offer two popular advisor programs "The $14 Trillion Opportunity," and "Strengthening Relationships with Female Clients through Legacy Planning," which are dedicated to educating advisors on the affluent women's market and how to differentiate yourself as an advisor among the female marketplace.  We also offer a unique affluent women client event called, "Your True Legacy."

The advisor community often asks us about additional resources on the affluent women's market.  We believe WIFE.org is a fantastic resource and the Women's Choice Advisor Award is true way to differentiate yourself as a trusted advisor dedicated to serving the women's market.