Women & Legacy Planning

Serving Her to Keep What You’ve Earned

by Tony DiLeonardi

In my last post, we covered the importance of building a true partnership with your female clients.  I'm going to touch on learning how to serve the female marketplace in this post.  Arguably, this is really part of partnering with her.  I'd also venture to say that some of what I'm about to cover can be applied to many client relationships, male or female.  But, these principles are especially true when it comes to working with women clients and prospects.

Communicate:  There is a temptation to ignore feelings when dealing with financial issues.  I strongly encourage you to let feelings be a part of the communication, as she presents them.  Ignoring the feelings will not make them go away.  In fact, they'll probably increase with an added layer of frustration.  This is a good time to useEmpathic Listening.  Relating and empathizing with the feelings expressed will strengthen the relationship and show that you're listening with genuine interest.  It will reinforce your connection.

Maintain Trust: Maintaining trust is critically important in working with women.  It's not complicated; don't promise anything you can't or won't deliver.  For the male readers of this column, the next piece of advice may seem contrary to everything you've learned, but if you misstep, acknowledge the blunder immediately. While apologizing may at times viewed as weak in a competitive male environment, women respect someone that can genuinely and respectfully apologize.  One vital warning that reinforces this concept:Never break trust!  Since women tend to be more relationship-focused than men, any hint of betraying trust may provide a fatal blow to the partnership.  I'll leave you with two easy formulas to help keep this concept simple:

Say what you will do+ Do what you say = Builds Trust

If you mess up+ Fess up+ Repair = Preserves Trust