Women & Legacy Planning

14 Trillion Reasons to Focus on the Female Investor

by Tony DiLeonardi

I'm going to get straight to the point and focus on how much money women control.  Just from a consumer standpoint, women possess serious clout.  Did you know that American women are responsible for 73% of all household spending?  Whether it's overtly or behind closed doors, women hold the checkbook!
However, you only truly understand the power of this market when you consider that American women control approximately $14 trillion (yes that is trillion with a "t") in assets.  This represents 53% of investable assets and is growing quickly.  It is estimated that women will control 70% of the $41 trillion wealth transfer in the next 40 years.
To put that 14 trillion number into perspective, consider that if you spent 14 million dollars per day, it would take nearly 2,740 years to spend $14 trillion.
So rather than deciding whether to refocus your business on capturing a larger share of the female marketplace, my advice would be to simply move on to finding ways to get there before your competition does.  Start off 2013 by differentiating yourself and demonstrating that you understand her unique needs.  The opportunity is your's!