Navigating Change & Conflict

Taming the 500 Pound Gorilla

by Tony DiLeonardi

Helping clients recognize that fear is a result of change is the first step to embracing change, but your work doesn't stop there.  Human nature requires that we deal with the change in our lives. Ignoring the issues brought on by change can only cause our fears to grow in ways that we are less likely to control. It can even divert our energy from addressing the most critical problems which can be akin to worrying about the flower beds when there is a 500 pound gorilla on the lawn! 

However, the challenge is not to cross the line of dealing with our fears to obsessing about them―a phenomena that I refer to as "fanning the flames."  Rather than worrying about the past or POSSIBLE events that may happen, the focus should be on constructive ways to deal well with change.