Navigating Change & Conflict

Minding the 4 P's of Personality Styles

by Tony DiLeonardi

My last post introduced the four main personality styles and how to determine your style by evaluating your approach to both decision making and tasks. However, being able to identify someone's personality style is only the first part of managing the personality factors in conflict. To fully prepare you, we'll now review the traits of each style and how to manage each one in a conflict situation so you can effectively diffuse (vs. ignite) a potentially explosive situation.
Powerhouses:  This style is all about the bottom line.  When dealing with conflict with the Powerhouses it is important to be direct, but also respectful.
Perfectionists:  This style is focused on details and accuracy. In a conflict scenario with a Perfectionist, be more logical and diplomatic.
People People:  This style is relationship-focused, tactful and amiable.  When dealing with conflict with People People, stay slow and steady. 
Persuaders:  This style is energetic, optimistic and creative.  In conflict scenarios with Persuaders, focus on positive energy.
You should also be aware of the natural conflict situations that occur due to core personality types.  Typically, the highest conflict potential exists between the Powerhouse and People People styles, with the Persuaders and the Perfectionist styles also prone to discord.
I'll leave you with a word of caution as you apply these
concepts within your practice:  Never forget the basic premise of "one-size does not fit all." Rather, apply these concepts as guides to help you better navigate the common personality traits we share, but at the end of the day it should be the individual within each client that determines your course.