Navigating Change & Conflict

It's Not About You

by Tony DiLeonardi

As we've learned the last several years, during challenging economic environments, uncertainty can lead us to become paralyzed by our fears.  In this state of mental paralysis, we can lose sight of what we should be doing to help our clients navigate the changes presented to them daily by volatility in the financial markets.  Rather, this should be the time to step up and deliver superior customer service while building stronger relationships with your clients. The more you connect with your clients during fearful times, your own fears may seem to resolve themselves as well.

Embrace Change, Its Inevitable

Fear can lead us to lose focus on our clients at times when your connection with them is the most important.  Part of this connection is helping them cope with fear and fearful times by recognizing that fear is a result of…change!  From changes in their expectations to changes in their reality, now is the time to help them deal with these changes.  Talk with them about where they are in the "cycle of market emotions" and how their feelings and the performance of their investments can exaggerate their emotions.  Through this understanding, your clients may be better prepared to overcome change…before it overcomes them.