Navigating Change & Conflict

Delving Further into the 4 P's

by Tony DiLeonardi

In my previous post, I provided insight on the traits of each personality style and how to manage them in a conflict situation.  While I hope you found that information helpful, in retrospect, I should have provided more background on the specific strengths and challenges of each personality type.  With greater insight on the specific strengths and challenges of each personality, not only will you better understand the proper approach with each, but be more likely to remember them during times of high stress.
People People
Strengths:  Cooperative, aware of others feelings, supportive, good listeners.
Challenges:  Can be slow to make decisions, may take things too personally, or be overly sensitive.
Strengths:  Results oriented, competitive, loves a challenge.
Challenges:  Can be impatient, come off as abrasive or insensitive, autocratic tendencies, may compromise quality for speed.
Strengths:  Logical, quality conscious, analytical.
Challenges:  Can be seen as rigid, overly judgmental and critical of others.
Strengths:  Persuasive, optimistic, flexible.
Challenges:  Can be impulsive, lack follow through and details, may overpromise.
I'll leave you with the quote "peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it."  I urge you to strengthen your coping mechanism by studying these basic concepts on personality and make them part of your approach with clients.