Life Transitions

Helping Clients Navigate Life Transitions

by Tony DiLeonardi

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful.  It's the transition that's troublesome." 
 ~Isaac Asimov
Whether it is the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one, life transitions can be stressful times for your clients.  I strongly encourage you to be aware of these transitions as they are opportunities for you to connect with clients and deepen your relationships. In addition, there is likely to be money in motion during these transitions…need I say more?  Actually, yes.

With major life transitions, there are numerous opportunities for you to effectively extend an offer of help. Before offering thoughts on ways you can aid your client during these times, let's first list the seven major life transitions:

1. Marriage/Child Getting Married/Divorce
2. New Job/Unemployment
3. New Home/Moving
4. Birth of a Baby/Adoption
5. College Education
6. Death of a Loved One
7. Empty Nest/Retirement

Fully addressing the financial and emotional considerations that accompany the above life transitions could keep even the most succinct blogger busy for months, so we'll provide an abridged summary over the next few posts.  Our goal is to provide you with ideas for extending respectful offers of help to your clients and prospects during life's challenges.

Also, check out our new "Transitions Organizer" in our "Tools" section under "Resources."  We designed this piece with the seven major life transitions in mind.  Major life events often lead to the need to locate or create key documents.  The "Transitions Organizer" will help you to assist your clients with tracking life's paperwork.