Face to Face

Use Your Partnering Skills

by Tony DiLeonardi

Finding more effective ways to attract and retain clients is not a challenge unique to the financial advisory community.  In fact, I'd be hard pressed to name an industry that isn't focused on ways to preserve or build their business.  Given this, my recommendation to you is join forces with other professionals/organizations that share a similar client base.  This approach can offer limitless connection opportunities, but I'll share two savvy approaches I've witnessed in the field.
For example, an approach used by one advisor is to partner with non-profit organizations and chambers of commerce on local events.  In many cases, these understaffed organizations already have a schedule of events where your offer of support―such as helping promote or set up the event―could land you a role as a participant or sponsor.  
Another advisor shared with me their unique ―and especially timely―approach on partnering with recruiters.  While your first instinct may be to discount a recruiter's client base of unemployed professionals, a second look will reveal a significant source of money in motion.  Whether the clients are unemployed or seeking to make a job change, their 401k money is a rollover opportunity for you.