Face to Face

Tough Questions

by Tony DiLeonardi

I've long said that the key to a productive and successful sales and service model is three-pronged. The professional that hits high levels of production and stays at high levels of production must:

  1. Be a student of the market they serve.
  2. Be a student of the sales process, that is, the human and political stages in which clients and prospects find themselves throughout the relationship.
  3. Create "likeability" with clients and prospects, and ultimately, that likeability must leadto "trustability."

Because of that three-pronged approach, I have created deeper, more purposeful relationships in my own practice and taught others how to do the same in theirs.

Look, I know you're busy. I've been where you are. Not only have I heard the excuses, I've used them myself. Life is a juggling act, but it's time to rid your self of the feeling that disaster will strike if one ball falls. Find your footing. Be purposeful in your choices. Be honest. When you think about your average day, how much time do you spend on your business? You read the paper to stay up on trends, watch the news for the latest numbers, but how much time do you devote to your professional goals? What plans do you make for cultivating and strengthening relationships? You must have a daily practice. Make this reflection part of your morning ritual. Every day, focus on how you can better meet the needs of your clients, encourage workplace production, and foster an environment that promotes happiness. In other words, think about opportunities to go face to face. You can succeed in sales if you are liked. You will succeed in lifelong, multigenerational sales if you are trusted.