Face to Face

The Key to Success? Creating a Culture of Connection―Part III

by Kristan Wojnar

In the last few posts, we've discussed four trends key to our efforts at creating value and connection. In review, we've discussed teams and building a professional network, the aging population, and the transfer of wealth. Our focus now turns to understanding the female investor. To help you comprehend the magnitude of this market, consider the current reality:

-For every 100 men that graduate from a U.S. university, 133 women will graduate

-While the gap is narrowing, women on average still live longer than men

-80-90% of women will be solely responsible for managing their own finances at some point in their life

Of the four trends, this one may require the greatest re-working of your approach as there are important nuances as to how women approach investing compared to men.  Plus, their investment timelines may vary relative to men's based on time in the workforce or longer life expectancies.

On this topic there is a plethora of studies and information to help guide you in the right direction including our "$14 Trillion Woman" program.  And speaking of direction, you may do well by remembering the old stereotype―when lost, men keep driving while women will stop and ask directions.  Are you prepared to provide a meaningful road map that differentiates yourself from other advisors?   See our blog posts under "Women and Legacy Planning" for more ideas on this topic.