Face to Face

So...What is Connection?

by Kristan Wojnar

Connection has a deep impact on our relationships.  If true emotional connection is present in our relationships, you experience great energy, empathy and affirmation.  However, when connection is absent from our relationships, how do we feel?   We become drained, feel defeated or sometimes even paranoid.  Have you ever experienced these feelings with a client or prospect?  I'm sure you'd agree, it's not a good feeling.  The concept of true emotional connection applies to our personal lives of course and certainly to advisor/client relationships as well. 

If you think about all of your clients, you can put them into two categories: those that truly energize you, and those that drain you and may be a chore to deal with.  It is the latter group where you need to start asking yourself the tough questions so you can re-connect with those clients before it's too late.