Face to Face

Your Competitive Advantage

by Tony DiLeonardi

Do you want to feel that burst of adrenaline, that sense of purpose, drive, and passion? Then do something different and be open to the possibilities!

It doesn't mean you have to l...   [View]

Ask Yourself Questions

by Tony DiLeonardi

Today's wealth adviser is faced with a difficult job - creating generational wealth, gaining trust, running an effective practice and balancing it all.  For the professional who can do all...   [View]

Attitude: You Don’t Have to Call Your Clients

by Tony DiLeonardi

I again have learned the significance of choice.  So many times I would grumble about having to do this or that.  Recently, I was taught a valuable lesson.  It's a change of pers...   [View]

Becoming an Intentional Connector

by Tony DiLeonardi

Research is clear, when the affluent client is asked what they want most from their adviser, they reply with a more robust service model and the fact that they want to be heard. Consider this:<...   [View]

Building a Team Like a Pro

by Tony DiLeonardi

A few years back I had the privilege of delivering the introduction speech of a childhood friend as he was inducted into a local statewide sports "Hall of Fame." It wasn't Canton, Ohio, but a p...   [View]

Check it out!

Check out the replay of the webinar!  Kathleen Burns Kingsbury interviews Tony DiLeonardi about his latest book, "Face to Face: Creating Lifelong and Multigenerational Clients."


Creating a Culture of Intimacy

by Tony DiLeonardi

How can we create, or in many cases recreate, an intentional culture of intimacy to enhance productivity? The simplest way to do that is to do something different. Doing things diffe...   [View]

Facing the Music: Seeking the Truth about Lost Connections

by Tony DiLeonardi

I encourage you to analyze your client relationships, specifically the most challenging ones that drain you.  It is those relationships-the ones where connection is missing or showing sign...   [View]

Get Conscious, Gain Production

by Tony DiLeonardi

I have learned the hard way that most of the improvements I have made in my personal and professional production come when I regain some form of consciousness.  That is, when I pay close a...   [View]

Hot off the Press!

We are thrilled to announce that Tony's new book Face to Face: Creating lifelong & multigenerational clients is now available for purchase in our store and on Amazon.

How c...   [View]

Intimacy? Are You Serious?

by Tony DiLeonardi

What thoughts come to mind when you hear the word intimacy? This may be a dangerous theme to open with because for many people, the word intimacy feels awkward or uncomfortable. For ...   [View]

Learning a New Dance

by Tony DiLeonardi

Not that I generally care to dispute the thinking of Nobel Prize winners, but this week I'd like to challenge Samuel Beckett's advice "Dance first.  Think later. It's the natural orde...   [View]

Managing Client Expectations Like a Dentist

by Tony DiLeonardi

I like going to the dentist. Does that tell you all you need to know to stop reading?  I recognize, however, and with great understanding, that most people do not like sitting in that narr...   [View]

So...What is Connection?

by Kristan Wojnar

Connection has a deep impact on our relationships.  If true emotional connection is present in our relationships, you experience great energy, empathy and affirmation.  However, when ...   [View]

Stay Curious, My Friend

by Tony DiLeonardi

In Bob Dylan's classic song "Forever Young," the artist instructs us to stay young-young at heart, young at thought and young at action.  It occurred to me recently that this concept of yo...   [View]

The Key to Success? Creating a Culture of Connection―Part I

by Kristan Wojnar

Proactively connecting with clients is what we refer to as "creating a culture of connection" within your business. However, as Tony alluded to in his last post, yesterday's stra...   [View]

The Key to Success? Creating a Culture of Connection―Part III

by Kristan Wojnar

In the last few posts, we've discussed four trends key to our efforts at creating value and connection. In review, we've discussed teams and building a professional network, the aging...   [View]

The Key to Success? Creating a Culture of Connection―Part II

by Tony DiLeonardi

In this post, I am going to pick up on our discussion on the four trends every advisor needs to understand if they are going to create value and connection.  We looked at the move towards ...   [View]

Tough Questions

by Tony DiLeonardi

I've long said that the key to a productive and successful sales and service model is three-pronged. The professional that hits high levels of production and stays at high levels of production ...   [View]

Use Your Partnering Skills

by Tony DiLeonardi

Finding more effective ways to attract and retain clients is not a challenge unique to the financial advisory community.  In fact, I'd be hard pressed to name an industry that isn't focuse...   [View]

What Are You Noticing?

by Tony DiLeonardi

Often when I am presenting around the country to wealth advisers, I ask the audience if they have read one of several best-selling business related books.  Surprisingly, the response I...   [View]

What is Wealth?

by Tony DiLeonardi

What does wealth mean to you? Quick, top-of-the-mind answer.

Some people think wealth is about money or being rich in material possessions. For my purpose I desire to keep it simple. Yo...   [View]

What Wealth Advisors Can Learn from Jackie Robinson

by Tony DiLeonardi

"Listen and learn!" I was reminded of this simple, yet powerful concept recently when I had the chance to meet baseball legend Ernie Banks. For those who don't know him, he is "Mr. Cub." He pla...   [View]

“Why I Disagree with Jack Welch”

by Tony DiLeonardi

Recently on CNBC's "Morning Joe," Jack and Suzy Welch talked about their new book,The Real-Life MBA: Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Ca...   [View]