Business Transition Planning

The #1 Reason a Family Business Transition Will Fail…or Succeed

by Chuck Meek

I'm not a licensed pilot, but I sure get a kick out of aviation. Flight, especially the powered kind, just seems to drop metaphors from the sky - perfect for illustrating narratives.  C...   [View]

The Cost of Doing (Family) Business: Why Matriarchs are More Willing to Leave Money on the Table

by Chuck Meek

This is an excerpt from an interview with Anthony DiLeonardi, co-author of "The $14 Trillion Woman" and Managing Partner of Third Quarter Advisers, LLC.

Chuck Meek: Tony, ...   [View]

The Family Business Patriarch Breaks His Silence and Asks: “Why Wouldn’t we do That?”

by Chuck Meek

Even if you don't live in Illinois, you may have heard how dire the prognoses are for the state's five pension funds.  In this Sunday's "Chicago Tribune" was written an Op-Ed piece by D...   [View]

Family Business Transition: The First Five Questions

by Chuck Meek

Of all the literature and intellectual capital out there treating family business transition planning, there may be none simpler than this: FOB | BOF
The Family Owned Business and th...   [View]