Strengthening Relationships with Female Clients through Legacy Planning

Help her leave her life's true legacy

This program helps advisers gain insight into how female investors view wealth and investing, and how to uncover her core values that drive all of her investing decisions.  Research shows men and women view investing differently, with women more focused on such intangibles as family values and legacy. They also are more likely to be loyal to advisers who meet their needs and to recommend them to others.  Advisers will learn how to engage high-net-worth females and build trust by focusing on helping her to leave her intangible legacy in tandem with her tangible financial legacy.

Key takeaways:

-An overview of the 5-Step Partnering Model that helps advisors connect with female clients by elevating their listening skills and uncovering what her core values are
-Moving beyond the usual "tangible" focus of will and estate planning
-Crafting personal legacy documents to help her leave her "intangible" legacy alongside her "tangible" financial plan
-Focusing on multi-generational planning and introducing meaningful conversations with her family members about passing on their values, life lessons and personal stories