Face to Face

Creating lifelong and multi-generational clients

Creating lifelong and multigenerational clients may take what landed the client in the first place, a face to face meeting with them in their family room.  Dynamics change when we go into a person's personal space and meet them face to face for genuine, purposeful dialogue.

Building intimacy is a simple, yet powerful concept. It ignites greater productivity and deeper relationships, ultimately helping to retain assets and strengthen multigenerational relationships.

The concept of intimacy by meeting face to face has transformed the worlds of psychology, physiology and sociology. In this session, learn the power of building genuine intimacy that enables wealth professionals to tap into the astounding potential of human creativity, intelligence and innovation both within their practice and with clients and prospects.

Key takeaways:

-What is intimacy?
-Why does building genuine intimacy matter?
-How can we create a culture of intimacy through 5 trends in today's changing market:

1. The Aging Population
2. The Greatest Transfer of Wealth
3. The Female Investor
4. Teams
5. Network of Experts

The worksheet used during this session will help wealth professionals begin to put together a plan to create intimacy with clients and prospects. 

This program is based on the book, Face to Face: Creating lifelong & multigenerational clients by Tony DiLeonardi.