Financial Professional Testimonials

"I have acquired 4 new high value clients year-to-date. They are all women and have been referred by women.  I have also brought in $800k in new money and I can attribute both of these quantifiable results to my coaching relationship with Kristan Wojnar of Third Quarter Advisers.  I believe that I have learned to speak in such a way that resonates with women clients and prospects.  What I have learned from my coaching experience will continue to be of value to my business both qualitatively and quantitatively as time goes on."
-Gregory Ward, CRPC® Platinum Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Knoxsville, TN

"Tony, I reread your new book this weekend and used some of your suggested questions at a client luncheon yesterday. The response was incredible! Thanks!"
-Candace Bahr, LPL Financial/Bahr Investment Group, Co-founder of The Women's Institute for Financial Education (

"Thank you so much for giving a very informative talk at our FPA event. You are a wonderful speaker and we are very appreciative that you took the time to be with our group. One of the goals of the FPA IL is to provide current, thoughtful, informative information to our members, and you surely provided that to us."
-Sharon Egan, IL FPA Chapter President

"Thanks so much for being part of our conference…we received fantastic feedback regarding your presentation. I will share your information with anyone in the industry looking for a dynamo speaker."
-a Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ExpertPlan, Inc.

"I have read Tony's book and it is excellent. He is very passionate and knowledgeable in his area of expertise, advising women on financial issues. I am please to cite his work and some of the concepts I've learned from Tony during conference speaking engagements. His content relates closely to the area I work in training financial advisors to communicate Social Security income planning to women."
-Frank Horath, Principal & Financial Advisor, ClientFirst Financial, Aptos, CA

"This was very valuable to me and my practice!"
-an Ameriprise Financial Services Financial Advisor

"We have received great feedback. We also have a success story from an advisor who came back to the office and called the wife of one of his clients to apologize for not being as responsive as he should have been to her requests. She is now moving her personal accounts to the advisor based on his call!"
-a Morgan Stanley Complex Business Development Officer on the West Coast

"You did a great job!  Thank you!"
-a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Specialist in North Carolina

"Very good speaker in a difficult time slot!"
-an Ameriprise Financial Services Financial Advisor

"Very good stuff. In fact, right after the meeting I had an opportunity to exercise the material with an elderly client of mine. It worked very well.
-a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, Irvine, CA

"Thank you for taking the time to come speak to our clients.  The feedback has been great and we felt the event was a true success!"
-Anthony Smith Advisors, Inc., Atlanta, GA

"Wow! Thank you so much for the insightful commentary related to branding of our team. We really appreciate the time you spent on this and will begin to implement the ideas that you have shared with us."
-a Morgan Stanley team on the West Coast

"I met Tony in 2010 and he gave me an autographed copy of his book 'The $14 Trillion Woman.' On a recent job interview I referred to the book. The interviewer told me she had the book in her office. I pulled out my signed copy. I got the job! Thank you!"
-Barbara Knapp Sassen, Investment Advisor, PNC Wealth Management